How to connect gaming chair to Xbox one

How To Connect Gaming Chair To Xbox One : Step By Step Guide

This how-to article will teach you how to connect your gaming chair to Xbox one so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Gaming chairs are great for sitting down and playing games, but they’re even better when combined with an Xbox! Connecting them is pretty straightforward – follow these steps:

Now that wasn’t too hard, was it? Not only will this how-to guide help you set up your gaming chair to work with your console, but it also has plenty of other tips for how to make the most out of your gaming experience. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

What is a wireless gaming chair?

A wireless gaming chair is a type of seating that allows you to work or play comfortably without worrying about how close the seat is to your desk. The wireless gaming chair does not have plugged into the computer, console, or television. These types of chairs offer a lot more convenience than traditional seating options since they do not require you to sit at your desk all day long and stay comfortable while working.

How to connect gaming chair to Xbox one

How to connect gaming chair to Xbox one

A gaming chair is a beautiful addition to any gamer’s arsenal, Whether you’re getting it for yourself or someone else. We’ve got the how-tos on how to connect gaming chairs and Xbox One.

You are wondering how to connect your gaming chair wirelessly? Or how about if your new wireless headset will work with an Xbox One controller?

Here at XBOXONEHQ, we know all of these questions and more! Read below as we answer some of our most asked questions regarding connecting your favorite accessories with Microsoft’s latest console release: The Xbox One.

How can I connect my Gaming Chair using a USB cable?

Place both the PC and chair next to each other and plug the USB into your PC. You can also use a dongle if you want to connect more than one device at once. But how far away from each other depends on how long of a cord you have!

How do I connect my new wireless headset with an Xbox One Controller?

Firstly, make sure that both devices are turnoff before anything else occurs. Then unplug the standard audio jack cable out of the controller (Xbox 360) or Headset Adapter (Xbox One). After this has been completed, insert either end into their respective ports to Wirelessly Connect Gaming Chair to Xbox One. What would be needed next by following these steps:

  •  Plugging in the Wireless adapter via USB cable
  • Inserting headset adapter into the controller
  • Turning on headset adapter first then depending on Xbox one
  • Pressing the tiny button next to the ports for both devices

How do I connect my gaming chair wirelessly?

Place both your PC and Gaming Chair nearby of each other. Then, plug in a wireless adapter (dongle) into the side or back of your computer if it is available. If not, an ethernet cable can use instead; how far away you are depending on how long this cable is!

Once connected with either method, move onto step two below:

*Note that if using a Wireless Adapter, please ensure that there will be no obstructions between them*

Step Two: Turn On Xbox One Console & Headset/Speakers:*

Turn on both the Xbox One console and your headset/speakers. Then, press and hold a button next to both ports until you hear two tones or see them light up with white lights. This indicates that they have adequately connected!

Are there any additional tips I can use?

Of course! If you’re still having trouble after following all of these steps, be sure to check out how-to videos online for further assistance, as well as visiting XBOXONEHQ’s blog here:

Connect your Wireless Gaming Chair to Xbox One wirelessly with ease.

Xbox One is a powerful gaming console with an improved wireless controller. It also supports Xbox Wireless Protocol to connect wirelessly with accessories.

To connect your chair using this protocol, you will need:

A computer running Windows Vista or higher version (Windows XP does not support the required Bluetooth stack) A USB Micro Cable that comes in the box with your chair A wireless gaming receiver, plugged in a USB port on the computer

The steps to connect wirelessly are:

  •  Turn on Xbox One and put it in pairing mode by pressing the sync button on top of the controller. Hold this button until you hear a sound from all four corners of the console (if two controllers are connected, you will need to do this with both).
  • On the computer, go to Control Panel. Click on Devices and Printers. Click on Add a Device.
  • In the popup window that appears, find your wireless gaming receiver under Bluetooth Radios. Select it, then click Next. Windows may ask you for permission or require a driver installation.
  • -make sure you have internet access, as these steps might be required before pairing can begin. If everything goes smoothly, you should see Xbox One listed there now! You have done! All that is left is setting up how your chair connects to Xbox One:
  • Open the settings panel on top of your controller by pressing the Menu button (the one between the View and Options buttons). Press Y > Add device Select Xbox Wireless Controller and wait for the connection.
  • -You are now ready to play wirelessly on your gaming chair! To disconnect, press the Menu button again > Disconnect controller. You can prevent your Xbox One from turning off if left unattended by simply plugging in a controller with this feature.
  • To learn how to set the max distance between your chair and XBoxOne, please visit the Xbox website page Microsoft Support.

How to Make a Gaming Chair Wireless Using an Aux Cord?

I recently moved into a great new apartment, which includes space for an office. I decided to pick up an XBox One and the wireless controller to play some games while working (or watching Netflix). The problem was that my desk had located right next to my bed (who has space for all this stuff?!), and the cord on the wireless controller was too short to play from my chair comfortably and would not reach far enough to sit at my desk. The solution?

By following this guide, I now have a fully wireless, Bluetooth gaming chair hooked up to XBox One with an aux cord!

  • A wireless gaming chair that has Bluetooth connectivity and an Aux cord input. I purchased a DXRacer Gaming Chair from [Amazon Link], but this feature has many other similar chairs on the market. The brand and model of your chair will determine how easy this project is.
  • An Aux cord with a male 3.5 mm jack and two female ends (also known as stereo y-cable) – You can find these at any electronics store such as RadioShack.
  • A pair of wire strippers and wire cutters

Step 1: Prepare the Aux Cord

This step is pretty simple. Just strip away about 3/4 of an inch of the rubber coating. This exposes the two inner wires which we will be using later on. You can use a wire stripper or your fingernails to accomplish this.

  • Once you have done your cable, the y-cable should look something like this.
  • Notice that there is one black wire and one white wire inside it.

 Step 2: Prep the Wireless Gaming Chair

This step varies wildly depending on the brand and model of your chair. Most chairs will have a jack for connecting an aux cord hidden somewhere behind a removable cushion. One of the best features of my chair is that it has an opening on the back for MIG welders.
The flap can unhinge with just a flathead screwdriver, and there are no tools needed! Under this flap, you will find three ports: one for the power cable, one for connecting an audio cable, and one which looks like it would be perfect for the aux cord.

  •  My DXRacer chair had a small flap on the back of the seat which can open by removing some screws and sliding off the fabric cover.
  •    Under this flap are a power port, an audio jack, and the auxiliary cord input. Note that my chair has a black wire with red/green rings, which I assume corresponds to the power wire. If your chair has a different color wire, you will need to figure out which wire fits your positive and negative lines.
  •   If you have an LED light on your gaming chair, now would be a good time to remove it by disconnecting it at the circuit board behind where the back cushion was. It is required for Bluetooth use but not required for general operation. I chose to remove mine at this point since it has no wiring and would only serve as an annoyance if we accidentally stuck it down with hot glue.
  •  Here’s my circuit board with the LED light unplugged

  Step 3: Test with a Regular Aux Cord

The hardest part of this step will be determining which wires correspond to your aux cord’s positive and negative lines. Again, there should only be two ends with metal exposed on each side (the third end should have some rubber coating). Once you get this figured out, connect your aux cord such that the exposed wires correspond to the positive and negative lines on your aux cord.

  • My aux cord, with the black wire corresponding to the bottom of each plug
  •   Make sure you don’t have any exposed metal on either side!
  •   If everything wires correctly, try out your aux cord by hooking it up to something else (e.g., your car or a speaker).

  Step 4: Test with the Wireless Gaming Chair

*It is essential to do this step first so that if you have wired something incorrectly, it doesn’t fry the chair!*

  • This step is pretty simple – plugin your 3.5 mm aux cord into the auxiliary port and plug the other end into your music player.
  •    Would you please turn on your gaming chair and set it to AUX mode (most chairs have a button to cycle through different input modes)?
  • If everything is correct, your music should play! However, if you notice that nothing happens when turning on the chair, there may be an issue with your wiring, or the chair may not be powerful enough to activate it. If this is the case, try using a combination of hot glue and electrical tape to make sure all exposed parts are covered up.
  • Be careful while testing! Install the back cushion again in your chair if you took it out during step 2

  Step 5: The Bluetooth Hack (optional)

Since the chair is already wired for aux cord input, it should be easy to find a Bluetooth device that will connect to this signal. After scouring Amazon reviews, I chose to buy this cheap Bluetooth headphone/speaker combo. It has served me well so far!

  • Output ports on the side of the Bluetooth device
  •   Push the pairing button and set it to “discoverable” mode.
  • The devices should automatically pair, but if not, go into your phone’s Bluetooth settings and select the device (make sure that it is still in discoverable mode).
  •    Now you can listen to music without having to hold onto your phone or be tied down by wires!

Wireless Gaming Chair for Xbox One via an HDMI Converter

Your options for wireless connections between your XBox One and your favorite gaming chair are somewhat limited. There is no direct option, only an HDMI converter that will allow you to use the same kits available for older XBox versions. The best one can link an Xbox via an HDMI converter to a transmitter, so I decided to use the HD Fury Video Chain for Falcon/PS3™ to connect my XBox One with an HDMI cable to a wireless transmitter. The kit can link HD video sources via an HDMI converter, so I joined the Xbox One instead of the older Playstation 3, For which it is designed. The device allows multiple connections, so you can use it to connect various devices as well. The whole package was relatively cheap, and it is the only wireless HDMI kit I could find.

What you will need:

An HDFury Video Chain for Falcon/PS3™ x1  (Use an XBox one instead)

  •  A Rii i8+ Mini Keyboard x1
  • An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) x1
  • Optionally an HDMI Cable for your chair x1

STEP 1: Connect the HDFury to the XBox One and connect the power.

The kit comes with several cables that you can use to connect your devices. I used the following ones:

  • HDMI Cable to connect the HDFury to my XBox One
  • USB Cable to power the HDFury from your Xbox via a USB port on your console. You can use an external power supply for this as well.
  • Rii i8+ Mini Keyboard, which I used for wirelessly controlling the Xbox One, so I didn’t have to use a regular controller.

The Xbox is very picky about HDMI and will only recognize devices that support 4K, so make sure you get an HDMI cable that supports this as well if your chair comes with an HDMI connection.

STEP 2: Connect the wireless transmitter to the HDFury and power it up.

The kit comes with a mini USB cable which you can use to power the transmitter. The package also contains two antennas which should be attached to the top of the device for better reception. I used one of them without any noticeable difference in signal strength between using both or just one.

The HDFury package does not come with batteries, but you will need 2xAA batteries for the Rii i8+ Mini Keyboard.

STEP 3: Connect the Rii i8+ keyboard to the receiver.

After connecting power to both devices, you can turn them on and use your regular controller (if needed) to bring up the control menu for your Xbox.

Use the controller and go to Settings -> Network -> Advanced Settings and change your console’s wireless network settings from Automatic to Manual. Set a new password for the network, and make sure you write it down as you will need this in Step 4 when connecting the transmitter to your chair. You want to be able to control your Xbox One from your chair.

The Rii i8+ Mini Keyboard

I used it is far from perfect, and the battery life is disappointing, but this was just a proof of concept video, and anything works as long as it can connect via USB. You can use the key bindings in the controller menu to map the button presses to the desired functions. I had to consider it when connecting my chair because it has no batteries inside and is not wired when plugging in the power cord.

Support Xbox One Wireless Controller via Pinnacle Game profiler on Windows 10 (10-1703), which includes support for Xbox DVR, PC Game Bar, Game Streaming using DirectX 11 or 12 (requires Nvidia cards). The Xbox One controller also has Bluetooth support, so there are alternative ways of wirelessly controlling your Xbox One if your chair doesn’t have a USB receiver built-in. This allows you to use pretty much any controller with your console but still keeps everything wireless.

 Xbox One via RAC Audio Cables (Set Up a Wireless Gaming Chair)

The two RAC audio cables are designed for each channel in the cable, so you will need to set them up together at first. Use these adapters (red = red & white=white) on both ends of your wires.

This way, they can be connected quickly and easily without any hassle or stress!

 Connect to XBox One

Now tip the two RAC audio cables into the back of your RAC controller and line up the green lights like this:

Use one more B3 barrel adapter, connect it to another 5V USB power supply, and plug it in. Now you got a wireless gaming chair! Tip: Make sure that all the cables are inserted firmly, or your chair won’t vibrate at all.

When you start playing games, turn on your wireless gaming chair, and away you go! If you want to use both chairs as independent control panels for different players, buy another set of 2 x 2.4G wireless receivers for $39.99 each, so there’s no need to unplug the wires.

 Replace With Your Equipment

if You Are an Expert, This article is based on our experience of using RAC audio cables for this purpose. Some people may try to replace the RAC audio cables with any other USB sound card because it must be a two-channel USB sound card and will work great for this project. However, we suggest you use the same one we provided here or at least something similar so that you’ll have no problem connecting everything.


With the help of this quick guide, you should be able to connect your gaming chair to Xbox One in no time. But if anything is unclear or you need any assistance with setting up your new game chair for Xbox One, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll walk through it together!

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